Accounting Club at UIC


The Accounting Club is taking applications to fill in proctor positions for the Fall 2014 semester. Apply here now!

Proctors are members who work for a scheduled two hours a week, every week, to make sure all daily activities are going smoothly. The job is very easy and requires no experience whatsoever. A proctor helps out with club events and answers general questions about the club. If no one comes during your designated shift, you may simply use your time to study.

Becoming a proctor for the Accounting Club will show initiative and leadership skills for recruiters on resumes and this is a good start if you plan to run for an excutive board position in the future. We highly recommend all accounting majors to become involved in our club and this is one of the easiest ways to do so. All majors are more than welcome!

If you are interested, please contact our Vice President of Operations Andrea Jimenez at to schedule a brief 10 minute interview (in person or by phone). In your email, include the times that you are available and any questions that you may have.

interested in becoming a Proctor?

The Accounting Club at UIC encourages students to join our club and begin developing their professional network early in their college careers. Some of our events include Meet the Firms (Accounting Career Fair), Mock Interviews, Networking Night at Jak's Tap, Chicago Bulls Outing, Pie-A-Professor, other various networking opportunities, and the annual Spring Banquet.

We look forward to seeing you at all of our events!


Every Other Tuesdays Starting September 9th, 2014!

Interested in what is going on in the Accounting Club? Come get involved and join us for our bi-weekly Tuesday meetings. The locations have yet to be determined, so make sure you are on our mailing list! There will be guest speakers from various firms at each event and free food at select events! For more information, visit our "Events" page.

Fall 2014 MEETINGS

Be sure to become a member through UIC Connect! A new portal for Student Organizations!

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The Accounting Club will be volunteering at Northwestern University's football games this semester.  Meet new friends and help fundraise for the Accounting Club!

If interested, please fill out this registration form.
Games are on Saturdays.

Volunteer with and help fundraise for the Accounting Club! 

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Event date: Thursday, October 2, 2014.